Evidence that necessitates the rise of Bitcoin to about 149K

Experts: Bitcoin will start the transformation process soon .. Evidence that necessitates the rise of about 149 thousand
Evidence that necessitates the rise of Bitcoin to about 149K

Experts: Bitcoin will start the transformation process soon .. Evidence that necessitates the rise of Bitcoin to about 149K

 The recent events in the digital currency industry have led to pressure on digital currencies, as the uncertainty besides the negative public track in the markets, affects investor decisions.

While the digital currency sector is going through a violent market drop period, the largest hedge of digital currencies, Pantera Capital, presented his view of Bitcoin and digital currency markets.


Panther Capital, the largest hedge of the United States-based digital currencies and in terms of its management assets, took into account the digital money supply function in order to expect BTC prices. With a limited offer of 21 million, Satoshi Nakamoto Bitcoin was designed to form a decreased structure of the supply of regular. This provides a basis for predicting bitcoin.

Accordingly, taking into account that the supply of bitcoin decreases to half every 4 years, depending on the assumption that the demand for bitcoin remains fixed; This approach means a high price of bitcoin when ignoring other conditions. Currently, Bitcoin metal receives about 6.25 Bitcoin as a bonus for each created block, based on treatment verification. After the next half event, which is expected to take place in April 2024, the mass construction will be reduced to half and updated to 3.125 bitcoin.

Panthera Capital's expectations regarding bitcoin are worth noting

Panthera Capital girl her expectations for bitcoin on this fact. According to historical data, it was noted that Bitcoin had reached its lowest level 477 days before the event of the half and then entered a budget direction. In the post-reaching period, at about 1.5 years, Bitcoin currency reached its climax in its upscale session.

Panther Capital expects that if history restores itself, Bitcoin will reach the bottom by the end of this year and begin to rise in the first months of 2024. With half, it is estimated that the upscale momentum will accelerate. The company predicts that BTC will rise to $ 36,000 before the event of half and will reach the range of $ 149,000 in the afternoon.

Predictions about the digital currency industry

Talking about the fear that more companies are affected after the FTX collapse, Pantera Capital believes that the fluctuations in the market will increase more as investors tend to asset adjustments. According to the company, besides FTX, Solana and other assets associated with Ibtos will be more affected.

On the other hand, Pantera Capital stated that her risk in FTX is limited to buying Bloggolio's profits. These profits were in FTX shares and FTT, and the company announced on November 8 that these assets were liquidated.

Pantera Capital officials believe that the general negative market situation will weaken individual investors' base. It is believed that the doubts of institutions that were cautious about the digital currency sector will increase. However, officials expect negative thoughts to fade over time.

Panthera officials, who also commented on the regulations, said they expect tougher regulations for digital currency companies that serve the base of individuals.

Evidence that necessitates the rise of about 149K

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