10 Best Growth Stocks to Buy Now for Long-Term Gains

10 Best Growth Stocks to Buy Now for Long-Term Gains

10 Best Growth Stocks to Buy Now for Long-Term Gains  There are thousands of companies in the United States that you can invest in, but only a few dozen have the potential to return exponential gains with limited risk over the next three years or so. These growth stocks should give you the best of both worlds: above-average returns on your investment and minimized long-term risk. Here are the 10 best growth stocks to buy now for long-term gains. 

1) General Electric Company

The General Electric Company (GE) is one of the best stocks to invest in in 2022 for beginners. It invests heavily in a broad range of industries, including healthcare, aviation, and energy. One of its subsidiaries, GE Healthcare focuses on medical imaging equipment. 

Other investments include oil and gas production and natural gas turbines. 

As one of the largest conglomerates in the world, GE also creates a lot of stockholder value through its share price growth at an impressive rate of 12% over ten years. It is considered a safe investment with sound dividend prospects due to its diversified portfolio that affords it stability during difficult economic times.

2) Apple Inc.

AAPL stock ranks among the top 10 best stocks to buy now. The company is at the center of several exciting trends in tech, including voice-based computing with Siri and wireless headphones with AirPods. 

On top of that, AAPL is a dividend powerhouse and pays shareholders more than $3 billion annually. Investors looking for long-term growth should consider buying Apple Inc.

3) Oracle Corporation

One of the best stocks to invest in 2022 for beginners is Oracle Corporation (ORCL). This is a $183 billion dollar, computer technology software, and hardware company. This stock has a 5% dividend yield and 16.5% earnings growth over the last five years. 

Analysts think that it can grow at 18% over the next five years. ORCL has increased its profit margin by 2% and has a 3x return on equity compared to peers like IBM and SAP SE which have 1x returns on equity.

4) Citigroup Inc.

Citigroup Inc. (C) is the best long-term stock to buy right now because of its dividend. This banking institution offers one of the highest-yielding dividends on the market with a nice and safe 3.4% yield. In addition, Citigroup Inc has been steadily increasing its quarterly dividend for two years in a row, which will pay investors even more in cash per share as time goes on. They also offer a 6% stock purchase discount on some days through their Citicorp CitiSave Program, giving additional savings boost on top of their already attractive dividend yield rates. All of these factors are put together to make it one of the best long-term stocks to buy right now!

5) Alphabet Inc. (Google)

Alphabet Inc. (Google) (GOOGL) is the best growth stock to buy now, and it also happens to be one of the best stocks in general as well. The company is a leading provider of Internet services that includes a search engine, cloud computing, consumer hardware products, and wireless mobile devices. 

The company's divisions include Access & Energy, Capital G, Google Commercial Businesses, and Life Sciences; its Intelligent Compute Cloud business is included in its Google Cloud unit. Furthermore, this leading global IT firm operates an advertising network, DoubleClick Ad Exchange; a video service YouTube; online marketplaces such as Google Play and an online travel agency service called Trips by Google. 

Alphabet is not just among the best long-term stocks to buy right now, but also among the best growth stocks to buy now for long-term gains.

6) Baidu, Inc.

Baidu, Inc. (BIDU) is a Chinese multinational investment holding company that offers internet search engine services and AI technologies. It operates the country's most popular web portal and is an android smartphone app maker. 

The stock has exhibited steady growth since being listed on the NYSE in 2005 with an average annual return of around 15%. It is one of the best companies to invest in with profits soaring each year on low maintenance costs and an expanding customer base.

7) Microsoft Corporation

Microsoft Corporation has one of the best growth stocks to buy now. I looked at both the trailing twelve-month and five-year price changes. 

It had an excellent performance in both categories with its stock increasing by an average of 2.5% each year over the past five years and 2.8% over the past twelve months. Microsoft Corporation pays a dividend, which averaged 3% over the past five years and 4% over these last twelve months, and it can provide investors with long-term stability.

8) Intel Corporation

Intel Corporation (INTC) is a global leader in semiconductor manufacturing, which includes CPUs and computer memory. This company has been around since 1968, but its popularity really took off in the mid-1990s with its P5 Pentium processors. 

INTC offers a diversified product portfolio that includes chipsets, as well as wireless devices. Overall, this is one of the best long-term stocks to buy right now

9) Tesla Inc

Tesla, Inc. is one of the 10 best stocks to invest in 2022, and shares are expected to grow by 45% over the next five years. Tesla’s vehicles are all electric, which means they don’t produce harmful emissions or create noise pollution in residential areas. 

The company just introduced its newest models of cars: the Tesla Model 3 and Model Y last week. These new models have already sold out their initial orders, but Tesla has yet to release a production date.

Tesla also has plans to release an electric truck later this year as well as introduce solar roofs that will work alongside battery storage systems. All of these advancements will help Tesla become a major player in the energy industry and make it one of the best stocks to invest in in 2022 for long-term gains.

10) S&P 500

The S&P 500 is an index of the 500 most commonly traded stocks on American stock exchanges.  While these companies are located all over the world, more than 75% of them are headquartered in America

The stocks within this index represent about 80% of total US equity market capitalization and provide a broad overview of the US economy.

In other words, if you’re interested in investing in US companies, it’s wise to invest in some shares from this list! If you’re looking for some good long-term growth opportunities, take a look at Shopify (SHOP), Robinhood (RHT), Alibaba (BABA), PayPal Holdings Inc (PYPL), and Alphabet Inc A Google subsidiary company that specializes in technology that uses computers and electronic devices such as smartphones or tablets).

Tips and warnings before investing in stocks

- With the volatile economy, it's difficult to predict what will happen in the future. 

- These 10 stocks might do well with the shifting tides. 

- Make sure that if you invest, you diversify your portfolio and hold a mixture of different companies or stocks of similar industries. 

- Never put all your eggs in one basket, as they say! 

- You should also avoid investing money you might need soon because there is always a chance that some of these investments could turn sour before long. 

- If you would like more information on how individual stocks work and which ones might be better for your personal situation, talk to a professional who can help give you an objective opinion about how to proceed with investing your money for 2022.

Planning Your Financial Future starts now!

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